Surviving Easter

Don’t GO OVERBOARD – Surviving Easter!

It’s always ok to treat yourself, especially at Easter. But it doesn’t mean your healthy lifestyle has to go out the window.

So here is my plan to get through Easter, and if you’re serious about a healthy lifestyle, try writing down your own plan with something that will work for you.

Allow yourself a treat, but don’t go overboard. A plan is a great way to think ahead and set up some rules for yourself.

Here’s my Easter plan:

1. Don’t buy chocolate.

It doesn’t mean I wont eat chocolate, chocolate always has a way of finding me! But I will not be buying the small packet of eggs that are conveniently placed by the supermarket counter, or a Lindt rabbit, or anything else that I’d usually be buying.
I will be buying my kids an Easter themed toy instead of large chocolate bunnies or the Humpty egg with Smarties, so there is no extra chocolate around the house that I may have to conveniently eat on their behalf.

If I get given chocolate, that’s a bonus, and I will eat some!

2. Restrict Hot Cross Bun intake.

Hot Cross Buns have been on shelves for over 2 months. I did a great job of avoiding them the first few weeks as it wasn’t Eastery enough, but the closer you get, the more tempting they are.

So if you do buy Hot Cross Buns, make sure you’re sharing them!  One Hot Cross Bun (with butter) has around 200 calories, and basically no nutrients, so enjoy the treat, but dont overindulge.

3. Don’t pig out at Dinner.

Most years, our family gets together to have a special dinner for Easter. So when we do, I will eat a little bit of everything but I will be conscious of what I eat.
Also, when there are bread and dips or salami and cheese out on the table before dinner, I will steer clear and wait for the real food.

If I’m cooking I will be looking up ‘healthy Easter meals’ on google and find a recipe that tastes good but has less calories than the usual Easter feast.

4. Get out and about.

For most people Easter is at least a 4 day break. I’m going to make the most of it. I’ll be getting out with my family, going down to the beach or somewhere that I can be out in the fresh air (no matter the weather) and I’ll be keeping busy.

(Don’t forget you can join our Good Friday Circuit – 9am!)

4. Easter is over after Monday.

I might be more lax on Easter weekend when it comes to my eating, but it will end Monday night!
Come Tuesday I will be back in my usual schedule of keeping an eye on my calories. I will even step up the exercise to work off any extra eating I do over Easter.  No super cheap clearance chocolate for me!

For a bit more motivation, look up how many calories are in the chocolate you are eating. Did you know 3 Cadbury solid dairy milk eggs (Yes, the super small ones with no filling) equal 100 calories??

It’s sounds pretty simple to write a plan, but its a hell of a lot harder to stick to it. If it helps, physically write it out, then show someone, or talk to someone about it, so it feels more concrete.
You can even share it below!

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