A fresh start

Yesterday I woke up with a new attitude.

I truly took grasp of the saying ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’.

I felt that I had a new chance to really focus on my goals, push myself harder to reach them and I’m looking forward to the results.

Every so often, we all feel this way. It’s really common around New Years when we use January 1st as our fresh start, then life gets in the way and although we had the best of intentions, our time runs short, our willpower weakens and then goals become a bit harder to grasp.
From here, you look ahead for the next opportunity:

‘After school holidays’

‘After my wedding/birthday/anniversary weekend’

‘After Easter’…

Before we know it, we’re looking at another year of not quite having achieved what we wanted.

So, today is as good a time as ever to really knuckle down and achieve what you want.

It could be making time to start back with personal training, it could be working on your diet, it could be finding the willpower to finally start riding your bike to work. There is always opportunity for improvement in our lives.

We need to really make that effort now, and get into a good routine before Winter. We can find the colder months make it hard to stick to our goals, which is why we need to start now!

I’d really love for you to get in touch and tell me about your goals. Whether they be fitness related, food related, or general life, communicating what you want is the first step!

I’m making a big effort to increase my veggie intake this week, so I’m making a challenge for my Train Tuff Tribe, my community Facebook Group┬áto start a new healthy habit.

The challenge is, that every day this week, by the end of the day, we must have consumed at least 5 different vegetables. It’s a fun and creative way to start thinking more about what we put on our plate, and can develop a fantastic habit. My meal this morning was easy to get my first serve of veggies, with a mushroom omelette!

Join our Facebook group, and take on the challenge!

Also, drop me a line at info@traintuff.com.au and share the goals you want to really start working towards. It’s time to make a fresh start!

Good Luck!!


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